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Fitness Fibs#1

Want Abs? Do Crunches

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Fitness Fib#2

Run More, Lose More.

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Fitness Fib#3

Lose More Fat Just By Eating Fever Fat.

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Fitness Fib#4

You Don’t Need a Gym Membership and a Trainer to Get in Shape

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The higher your fitness level, the more active your body. The more active your body, the happy you feel and the more you will use your ability to produce fantastic results.

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Who we are

Fat Secret is a site for people fascinated by food and diet. Join us and achieve your food, diet and exercise goals. We think our methods such as effortlessly recording your food and exercise, keeping a life span record of your weight, finding partners to support you and discover recipes that are right for you are pretty extraordinary, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Fat Secret is your one-stop-shop for all things food and diet – the secret is out!

What we're about...

What we're about...

Trends in dieting seem to adjust with the season – one day you’re being told to eat bagels, the next, bacon. It all gets a little baffling. That’s where Fat Secret comes in. As a helpful and vibrant community, Fat Secret takes the advice and collective experience of members to determine what really works. We are totally self-regulating and try not to give recommendation but rather provide the tools and structure for everyone to achieve their goals as the community generate answers to all food, diet and exercise questions -unified we fall (the heaviness that is).

What we're not...

Fat Secret is not like those other diet sites that promise free consultation, profiles, plans or advice and then try and thrust you into some paid product or ‘premium’ service. We are totally free of charge and we very much aim to stay that way. Also, Fat Secret is not associated, or in any way related to any of the diets or diet companies that are referenced on our site. We provide our broad opinion on some aspects of these accepted diets but in no way approve or support them or their program – we’ll leave that to you. Finally, Fat Secret is not a therapeutic organization, and information generated by us should not be interpreted as a replacement for medical advice or analysis. Some diets may not be fitting for some people and you are urge to seek the guidance of a physician before commencement of any weight loss endeavor or regimen.

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User Interaction 50%
Our Philosophy 60%
Your Friends 70%
Nutrition Management 80%
Hard Work 90%
Weight Loss 100%


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